What is EAT'M?

    EAT'M stands for Emerging Artists and Technology in Music. It is an annual conference held in Las Vegas. Next year's conference will be held May 29-31. EAT'M has speaker panels, CLE units for attorneys, cocktail receptions, keynote luncheon, wrap parties, and most impor tant of all --showcases of new talent at night.

Why EAT'M?

    The music industry has a plethora of conferences, summits, showcases, festivals... but never a conference that offers the best of both the recording and the concert/touring aspects of the business. We also feature preview kiosks that allow you to hear a sample of an artist before their showcase so that you can screen ahead of time who you want to watch.

    The Emerging Artists Fund has been established to encourage education in the field of Recording Arts and Sciences. Through scholarships, grants and professional development stipends, the Fund will foster skill development with performing artists, professionals and technical supports within the music industry. This scholarships fund of EAT-M is administered by the Nevada Community Foundation, a 501(c )(3) public foundation. Founded in 1988, the community foundation assists charitable organizations by managing scholarship and endowment funds. All contributions to the Emerging Artists Fund qualify for the maximum tax deduction permitted by law.

What effect has EAT'M had in the industry?

Find out on our History page .

What is CLE?

    Continuing Legal Education by Quirk & Tratos

    The seminars being offered at the EAT'M Conference and Festival are designed to provide practitioners, managers, agents, artists and talent with a strong foundation about legal issues facing the music industry. Whether you are experienced in this field or just getting started, you will benefit from attending these CLE seminars - just a part of what the State Bar of Nevada does to ensure that the law works for everyone.

    CLE Credit is available for any state in the U.S.

    Continuing Legal Education Units available.

Jim Caparro - Keynote Speaker EAT'M 2000

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Island Def Jam Music Group

    The son of a Brooklyn, NY truck driver and housewife mother, Jim Caparro spent 16 years in a variety of management positions at CBS Records, eventually rising to the top of Epic Records VP Sales and Field Marketing departments. He started his record career at the company's manufacturing plant in California, then was regional salesman in central New Jersey, "carrying the bag" when the career of Bruce Spingsteen - still his all-time favorite musician - took off.

    In 1988, Caparro joined Polygram Records as Senior Vice President of National Sales and Branch distribution. In 1990, Polygram Records bought the A & M and Island labels to launch the new pipeline, which was to become PolyGram Group Distribution (PGD), a fully integrated and autonomous entertainment distribution company, naming Caparro Executive VP.

    Now, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Island Def Jam Music Group. Caparro now presides over the consolidation of a label that has already achieved success stories with Insane Clown Posse. Dru Hill, Sisqo, DMX, Jay-Z, Melissa Etheridge, Jimmies Chicken Shack, Montell Jordan, Method Man/Redman and upcoming albums from Hanson, Bon Jovi, LL Cool J and Tracy Bonham.

    Married for 27 years with three children, Caparro resides in New Jersey.

Who are this years panelists?

    Subject to Change
    This Year's Panelists Include*

    Abdo, Ken - ABDO & ABDO
    Arciaga Ilene - Sapphire Entertainment
    Arnold, Gary - Best Buy
    Becker, Suzette - Attorney at Law
    Berman, Anthony - Idell, Berman & Seitel
    Biederman, Don - Warner Chappell
    Bratton, Tim - TuneTo.com
    Cane, Barbara - BMI
    Cohen, Ted - Webnoize
    Cooper, Jay - Manatt, Phelps, Phillips
    Davis, Glenn - Myman, Abell, Fineman & Greenspan, LLP
    Ezrin, Bob - Sanctuary Soundtracks
    Ferguson, Tony - Interscope Records
    Fleisher, Joel - mp3.com
    Goldring, Fred - Hansen, Jacobson, Teller & Hoberman
    Greenberg, Jeff - The Village
    Guggenheim, Kim - Nelson, Guggenheim, Felker &
    Levine, LLP -
    Helfant, David - Troop, Steuber, Pasich, Reddick & Tobey
    Hoffman, Janie - Speed of Sound
    Idell, Richard - Idell, Berman, & Seitel
    Inman, Jeff - Las Vegas Weekly
    Irving, Wayne - SpinRecords.com
    Kirk, Anu - TuneTo.com
    Leeds, Harvey - Epic Records
    Liss, Ben - Independent Promoters Organization (IPO)
    Lorence, Linda - SESAC
    Lyman, Kevin - 4 Fini, Inc.
    Marshall, Guy - Tutt & Babe Music
    Munoz, Loretta - ASCAP
    Nast, Tommy - Album Network
    Olin, Milt - Strategic Counsel
    Peskin, Randy - Peskin Productions
    Reese, John - Freeze Management
    Reynolds, Phil - EAT'M
    Roberts, Virgil - Bobbitt & Roberts
    Robinson, Ross - I AM Recordings Inc.
    Rowe, H.C. - Mandalay Bay
    Shifrin-Cassidy, Sue - EAT'M
    Silfen, Martin - Mays & Valentine
    Sivers, Derek - CD Baby
    Sobel, Ron - ASCAP
    Somers, Andy - Bandwagon
    Stein, George - Stein & Stein
    Sweeney, Tim - Tim Sweeney & Associates
    Tenner, Lisa - EAT'M
    Thier, Whitney - Quirk & Tratos
    Taylor, Tess - National Association of Recording
    Industry Professtional -
    Thompson, Laurie - Quirk & Tratos
    Tratos, Mark - Quirk & Tratos
    Verlinde, Traci - BMI
    Weintraub, Larry - Fanscape/AMP Management

Why Las Vegas?

    Because it's the coolest, hottest city in the world. Because you can go to Vegas and still write it off on your corporate credit card. It's not too hot in June. Lots of extracurricular activities. All of the above.

Who attends EAT'M?

    Label presidents, music publishers, songwriters, agents, artists, A&R reps, internet providers, attorneys, booking agents, promoters, and many more... we invite you to peruse our list of panelists for an impressive list of confirmed attendees.

How do I receive CLE credits for EAT'M?

    If you attend all of our sessions, and sign in at the appropriate times, we will submit your credits to your state bar with all of your pertinent information.

How can I go to EAT'M?

    EAT'M is open to the public for registration. Registration forms are available from our office, or click here for a copy of our Registration Form.

How do I perform at EAT'M?

    EAT'M will begin accepting applications for EAT'M 2002 as of August 1, 2001. EAT'M is an open application process, every artist or group must fill out a Submission Form. If you are not chosen as an EAT'M artist, you may apply your application fee against your registration fee for the conference.

How can I advertise at EAT'M or be a sponsor?

    We have several marketing opportunities and sponsorship levels available. Sponsorship packages are now available Visit our Sponsors' page for more info.


    Visit our Events page for more info.

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